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I was born in the Republic of Bulgaria.
I grew up in Turkey and now I live in England.

Due to my interest in film and video games, I have moved into the field of art and have developed myself to specialize in matte painting and concept art for the entertainment industry. My drawing style is mostly influenced by the Constructivist / Brutalist art movements, and my work stands out with a planned functionality and composition. I choose to cloth the interesting, aesthetic and attractive details on this skeleton like a simple shell.

Time is always a strong and challenging factor on me, but it can be tolerated to do the best I can.
Move to London to Enter the Industry
Begin Learning 3D Softwares

- Modo
- Daz
- Vue
- Substance Painter
- Megascans Studio
- Marvelous Designer
Turkish Airlines
Matte Painter - Advisor
Begin Learning Art Fundamentals

- Perspective
- Composition
- Color & Value
- etc.